International Transport


  • Direct flights with daily departures;
  • Regular consolidated with excellent cost benefit;
  • Transport of large volumes;
  • Own consolidation service;
  • Transport of goods requiring controlled temperature;
  • Charter service;
  • Daily follow up;
  • Tracking System.


  • FCL with first level shipping lines, with the best services and transit time, weekly departures and negotiated free time;
  • LCL with weekly departures and exclusive negotiations of destination and storage costs;
  • Own consolidation service;
  • Project Cargoes;
  • Daily follow up;
  • Tracking System.


  • Import and export;
  • Agents at the main borders;
  • Fractionated for the main origins and destinations;
  • Daily follow up;
  • Tracking System.


  • Own policy with wide coverage;
  • Registrations through Fischer & Rechsteiner;
  • From any location abroad, to any location in the Brazilian national territory;
  • Companies specialized in risk management recognized by SOMPO.