Customs clearance


  • Reception of export requests and document analysis;
  • Issuance of DU-E;
  • Export Customs Clearance and coordination of the release of goods before the competent bodies;
  • Shipment monitoring;
  • Assistance in exporting through the preparation of export documents such as: commercial invoice, packing-list, bank statements and certificates (FORM A, Phytosanitary, LPCO etc.);
  • National and international transport coordination;
  • Special customs regime.


  • Full customs consultancy and assistance in the area of ​​foreign trade;
  • Analysis of boarding instruction documents;
  • Preparation of import license (LI);
  • Import Declaration (DI);
  • Special customs regime;
  • RECOF;
  • Blue line;
  • Customs warehouse;
  • Customs Clearance;
  • Robotic system;
  • Strategic Indicators KPIs;
  • Flowchart, schedule and performance.


The Drawback is one of the biggest tax incentives destined to stimulate exports, it currently presents itself in the following modalities: Integrated Suspension Drawback, Integrated Tax Exemption and Refund. It consists of the elimination or suspension of taxes levied on imported or national inputs for use in the product to be exported.