150th anniversary of the creation of our corporate brand

Fischer & Rechsteiner is a company that has been operating in foreign trade and logistics since 1870! Our history is a heritage to be invested!


The Fischer & Rechsteiner brand was born in Venice. The company, founded by the gentlemen Fischer and Friedrich Rechsteiner, was active in the banking and international transport sectors with branches throughout Europe.



Fischer & Rechsteiner was founded in Switzerland, which was previously called Casa de Expedições de Chiasso, in coincidence with the inauguration of the Lucerne-Milan railway line that linked Italy to Switzerland.



From the beginning of 1900, it becomes "Successors Fischer & Rechsteiner", and assumes, always in Switzerland, the name "Fischer & Rechsteiner SA".


On April 29, “Fischer & Rechsteiner Sas di Lecco” (Italy) was created with the first renewal of the brand and commercial logo. The two founding partners were Giancarlo Riva (1927) and Aquilino Ripamonti (1929), joined by “Fischer & Rechsteiner SA di Chiasso” (Switzerland).




As soon as the second world war ended, Fischer & Rechsteiner SA di Chiasso (Switzerland) had opened its own subsidiary in Italy, which has successively given legal autonomy to the parent company with the incorporation in 1965 of Fischer & Rechsteiner Spa, based in Milan, which over the years had fourteen branches until the closure of activities in 2000.


Fischer & Rechsteiner of Lecco moves to Valmadrera, in the direction of Lecco/Milan, which over the years has become a highly industrialized region. There are large, modern and well-equipped offices and warehouses.



  • Fischer & Rechsteiner creates Sigma Speedy Services Sarl, a joint venture in Beirut (Lebanon) with a local partner.
  • Fischer & Rechsteiner buys a minority stake in Intermar Sarl, in Tunisia, successively transferred in 2014.



The company logo was renewed.



  • Fischer & Rechsteiner is certified as an IATA Agent, specifically for air shipments.
  • Fischer & Rechsteiner participates with a minority share in the constitution of “EAFF Elias Ayiotis F.F. LTD”, company based in Limassol (Cyprus)


2001 - 2003

Fischer & Rechsteiner obtains the UNI EN ISO 9002 Quality Certification and in May 2003 obtains the change to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (VISION 2000).


The company becomes a corporation, S.P.A. adopting the name “Fischer & Rechsteiner Company Spa”.


Fischer & Rechsteiner opens its own branch in Brazil, in Jundiaí, state of São Paulo.



Fischer & Rechsteiner obtains AEO certification, Authorized Economic Operator.


After years of presence in the local market through agents and partners, Fischer & Rechsteiner Tunisie Sarl is created in Tunisia.



Fischer & Rechsteiner Company Spa buys Fischer & Rechsteiner SA di Chiasso, and has since become the sole owner of the Fischer & Rechsteiner brand.


  • Launch of the new logo, the banner of a modern and professional group.
  • Creation of the “Jetway Supply Chain Corporation”, a joint venture with a Chinese and Korean partner based in Shanghai (China).
  • Fischer & Rechsteiner creates “2F Air Cargo Sarl”, a joint venture in Tunisia for the development of the air business in the local market.
  • The presence in Brazil is strengthened after a corporate agreement with a local company specialized in national transport, warehousing and customs clearance.



We celebrate 150 years of our BRAND!



2022: our presence is relaunched in Tunisia with the renewed company FR INTERNATIONAL TUNISIE S.a.r.l. which relies on competent staff, with a deep knowledge of the local reality and fluent in Arabic, Italian, French and English.


2023: Fischer & Rechsteiner festeggia i 70 anni della sua costituzione come società italiana a Lecco.